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  • gooood archive: Black and white space

    Selected “Black and white” Projects

    gooood archive: Blue

    Selected “Blue” Projects

    Searching utopia in Hunger Games / Shi Yue

    (Only in Chinese)Utopia built by the architects

    gooood archive: Red

    Selected “Red” Projects

    gooood archive: Brass

    Selected Brass Projects

    Mazha Lighting System Hangzhou Solo Exhibition by Mario Tsai Studio

    X-shaped structure?Mazha transforms to lights extending in?plan and three dimensions

    每周評論精選2019.06.15 – 2019.06.21

    (Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last week to present different perspective.

    L’Aire by Odace événements + EN TEMPS ET LIEU

    A place where shapes, light, and shade come together

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          Taburete Tower by SZCZ (Jakub Szcz?sny)

          Temporary installation in frame of 5th edition of Concentrico Festival in Logro?o, Spain

          oo chairs by 0321 studio

          A chair that was not so comfortable

          Fall of the Walled Garden by Mason Studio + Tennis

          A ethereal space of stillness

          The Monument Collection by mpgmb

          A limited edition of handmade sculptural vessels

          buckle watch by nendo

          Newly designed watch with only two components

          “Sn?hetta Shaping – Interaction” by Sn?hetta

          Experience how Sn?hetta employs its transdisciplinary approach while paying great attention to the site

          Travessa by FAHR 021.3 + Dalila Gon?alves

          Iron staples inserted in the white silos

          The Compound Pistil Pavilion, China by NanJing University Of The Arts

          Formation and digital construction of extremely small curved surfaces

          Newly designed cup for Calpico? by nendo

          A simplified design creates a ritual sense of drinking the national beverage

          Pillars of Dreams by MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY

          The cloud-like continuous skin in two layers