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  • Searching utopia in Hunger Games / Shi Yue

    (Only in Chinese)Utopia built by the architects

    每周評論精選2019.06.15 – 2019.06.21

    (Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last week to present different perspective.

    Jiang Youbo x Ma Yin, conversation in Aranya

    (Only in Chinese) Ma Yin and Jiang Youbo shared their experience about architecture, art and self accomplishment.

    CHROMA GALAXIES by Roman De Giuli

    The dream-like world of fluid art

    The Compound Pistil Pavilion, China by NanJing University Of The Arts

    Formation and digital construction of extremely small curved surfaces

    LS XI: Vistas Paradossales by Luca Tombolini

    Images presenting an altered Time dimension

    Orbital by Gummy Gue

    A horizontal painting on the ground of a football cage

    INTERIOR: Spanish Pavilion – Biennale di Venezia – 14th International Architecture Exhibition by Abalos+Sentkiewicz

    To understand architecture as an environmental construction

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          NOOK by FAHR 021.3

          A space for nothing is actually a place where everything can happen

          ‘Host’2019 by Vasilis Avramidis

          Creating impossible environments, which can only exist in the surreal world of painting

          每周評論精選2019.05.25 – 2019.05.31

          (Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last week to present different perspective.

          Immersive Experience for The Star Sydney by Ramus

          Ramus’ new installation immerses you in a new art experience

          Gold Mine by PEJAC

          The poetry in a prison

          AMO Designs Exhibition for Virgil Abloh In Chicago

          A complete overview of the incredible range of Virgil’s talent and influence

          teamLab Displays Two Immersive Artworks in Singapore’s Newly-Opened Jewel Changi Airport

          To explore a new relationship between humans and the world through art

          Booth Design for the M+ Museum at Art Basel Hong Kong by New Office Works

          Human library

          Sustainable felt – NUANCES by Patricia Urquiola for GAN

          Three natural color palettes?and patterns form stone like architectural geometries

          Both Sides by Didzis Jaunzems Architecture

          Multimedia stage with a polygonal surface