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  • Bahá’í Temple of South America by Hariri Pontarini Architects

    A place of welcome, community and meaning for everyone

    Activity Landscape Kastrup by MASU Planning

    From former deposit area to neighborhood resource

    Rockford Public Schools District 205, Elementary School by CannonDesign

    Architecture as community

    Le Grand Marché by Bisson associés + Atelier Pierre Thibault

    Space concept mirrors the idea of a village with its succession of small buildings, various side streets and alleys and a central public square

    Japanese hand-made glasses exhibition space in SIOF 2019 by Studio G + Muda (office coastline)

    Balance between individual exhibition and a cluster of exhibitions.


    White metallic structure builds up a house inside of a house

    Viettel Offsite Studio by VTN Architects

    V-shaped wall?create an open book towards beauty lake

    buckle watch by nendo

    Newly designed watch with only two components

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          Harvard ArtLab by Barkow Leibinger

          A cross-curriculum space for the arts

          Dell Medical District Landscape by Sasaki

          The oasis on campus

          Apartment – Cool Gentleman, China by AD ARCHITECTURE

          With a character that combines calmness and elegance, it is like a fashion darling dressed in a black tuxedo

          Peace Pavilion (winning proposal) by Changze Cai

          A pavilion for the promotion of universal peace

          Concept Design Of Hengqin National Wetland Park in Zhuhai, China by GED

          ECO-SHARELAND ecological sharing land in South China

          Blue heart – Youkong Living Room, China by Wutopia Lab

          Three boxes create an inner city within the city

          Baosteel Building Urban Renewal Project, China by FTA Group GmbH

          To give the Baosteel Tower a new image and personality in our modern days

          Jiang Youbo x Ma Yin, conversation in Aranya

          (Only in Chinese) Ma Yin and Jiang Youbo shared their experience about architecture, art and self accomplishment.

          CHROMA GALAXIES by Roman De Giuli

          The dream-like world of fluid art

          FOODOO by balbek bureau

          A cosmonaut of 2.5 meters high has become the protagonist of the diner